SILLY LEGACY Thin Reversible Waterproof Protective Cover or Liner for Bed or Couch, for Dogs and Cats (King 82 x 100, Gray)


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Silly legacy bed coverSilly legacy bed cover


Product Description

pet bed cover

Product Description:

Millions of people allow their pets on the ‘human’ beds, and use various products to protect the bedding from pet shedding, hairballs, dirt from outside, incontinence, pet illnesses. The problem arises at night, when a person needs to sleep under such product, which is non-breathable, crinkly, heavy, hot, smelly, and possibly toxic to pets. Have a good night sleep any time of the year with this lightweight waterproof non-toxic pet cover, without worrying about frequent bedding washings, or rushing your comforter to the dry cleaners.

Important tips:

  • Please measure your bed to determine coverage. The picture used above was shot in a photo studio and the bed does not reflect queen or king.
  • Use as a liner if your pets – mostly cats – have untrimmed/sharp claws and they tend to scratch or knead. Scratching/kneading could puncture the waterproof layer. An additional layer of fabric on top is recommended to avoid claw punctures of the waterproof cover.
  • Give the product a quick wash after opening the package to rid it of any factory residue and make it friendlier for your pet. A plasticky smell (of the waterproof material) is normal, and it goes away with one wash.
  • Note: If looking for a spongy and fluffy blanket, this product might not be for you. This is a lightweight cover that replaces the various items we use for bedding protection with PVC, vinyl, and similar waterproof materials that do not breathe, and cause people to sweat.

Care Instructions:

  1. Clean spills with damp paper or cloth. Spot-treat smaller accidents to avoid a full machine wash.
  2. Machine washable in warm water. Use regular or pet-friendly detergent. Do not use bleach, vinegar, or other harsh products as they might damage the waterproof material. Avoid softener, as our pets prefer no ‘fresh’ scents. Pet-safe enzyme sprays are OK to use.
  3. Tumble dry in low/delicate heat. Drying with high heat can expand the waterproof layer and damage it.


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