RGB Corner Floor Lamp, Easter Floor Lamp RGBIC Color Changing Corner Lamp LED Modern Floor Lights with Bluetooth APP and Remote Control Music Sync, 65″ RGB Mood Lighting 24H Timing 398+ DIY Modes


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AIUCA Bluetooth Corner Light

  • AIUCA Bluetooth Smart RGB Floor Corner Light With 16 million color options and 398+ dynamic lighting modes, you can customize your lighting to create the perfect atmosphere in any space. Whether you’re looking to set a calming ambiance for meditation or a vibrant atmosphere for a party, you can customize the lighting mode according to your own preferences.

Create Any Atmosphere with ‘duoCo StripX’ Floor Lamp

  • AIUCA Smart floor lamp features APP (Bluetooth) and floor lamp parallel function, and offers a truly distinct illumination pattern that’s unlike other solutions on the market. RGB+IC Technology: Smart IC chip for segmented LED control. Different colors can be displayed on the strip at the same time. At the same time, the smart APP can adjust 300+ preset modes, and can also DIY the mode and line sequence by itself. This allows for a creative color scheme with your choice of layout by simply using the accompanying smartphone app to make changes.
  • Smart APP: Please download the ‘duoCo StripX’ APP to explore millions of colors and dynamic scenes.

Set whatever you want, dance to your heart’s content

  • The LED smart light strip equipped with the wall corner floor lamp in the living room has a brightness of 1000 lumens. The RGB light strip has 16 million colors and supports free adjustment of 2500K-6500K warm/cool white light. With our 24h timer function, you can effortlessly schedule your room floor lamp to turn on and off at specific times. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark to turn off the lamp or accidentally leaving it on all night.




RGB+IC Adjustable Technology

Corner led lightbuild-in premium LED strip, the light strip is made of 90 lamp beads, with low power consumption, no glare, more delicate lighting, protection and safer, the RGB technology light strip has 16 million lighting colors and more than 300 light modes, you can switch theme lights for different scenes as needed.


You can combine multiple RGB floor lamps through the APP and control them at the same time, After opening the Bluetooth APP, slide to the right to see the linkage setting screen.The 24-hour timer switch function allows you to freely use RGB corner lights. DIY lighting can make you have a world of colors, you can enjoy and manipulate it please.

Sync to Music

RGB Corner Floor Lamp has built-in high-sensitivity microphone, when the music mode is turned on through the mobile application, it can be synchronized to any music type, lights pulse with rhythm of your favorite songs, greatly enhancing your Movie, Karaoke Bight or Game World.


Multifunctional RGB Floor Lamp

  • The corner floor lamp adopts a quick-release hot-swappable method. You can increase or decrease the number of lamp posts according to your needs at any time. When only one lamp post is installed, the corner lamp can be used as a desk lamp or a desktop decorative lamp. Suitable for e-sports room, audio-visual room, bedroom and other places.
  • Tips: Since the floor lamp adopts a 1:1 docking design, you need to pay attention to the metal contacts on the lamp post when installing the lamp post. Please align the holes before installing. If there is any bending deformation, please do not insert it forcibly to avoid damage.


  • Packing list: Hot Swappable RGB lamp post*4 (Overall length 65 inches / 165cm), Metal Base*2, Base Connector*1, Remote Control*1, Fixing Kit*1, Product Manual*1.
  • Tips: Due to the influence of regulations, this product does not come with an adapter, so it adopts a USB power supply design, and you can plug it into a computer or a charger to use it.




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