Pillows for Sleeping (2-Pack), Luxury Hotel Pillows Queen Size Set of 2,Bed Pillows for Side and Back Sleeper (Queen)


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pillows for sleeping
User Guide
  • Take it out ,slight shaking & patting ,then leave it for 2 hours let it fully expand .
  • Regular cleaning:Due to the characteristics of the fiber pillow,the entire pillow can be machine washable,but keep in mind ,please machine wash at 30°C.

Bed pillows for sleeping

Heathy neck pillow

“Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well”

This is the slogan of our company.We spend about one third of the time to sleeping in our whole life. Restoring the body’s immunity through sleep, renewing cells, and the body’s metabolism. So we must be sure to ensure a full sleep.

This heathy neck pillow,through the balanced support of head, neck and shoulder,the three-point curve forms a curvature that fits the cervical spine, promotes sleep and prolongs deep sleep time.

  • Pack of 2
  • Standard Size :20*26in
  • Queen Size:20*29in
  • King Size :20*36in
  • Premium cover & filling

Better sleep ,Better life




Better support

With the blue wide piping,we put more filling into the pillow ,so it can provide the better support than the normal pillows.And we highly recommend this pillow for side sleeper.

Better material

We choose the premium microfiber ,which is different with the pillow you can find on market.So the pillows can holds it’s shape and supports your head while being soft & comfy.

Better Care

Super lightweight pillow ,but it doesn’t go flat for sure.Provide you a comfortable sleep in night with every use.




Cool and breathable

Microfibers is distinctive for its unique thinness and strength. These fibers are even thinner than most natural fibers such as silk. This fabric has desirable properties such as stain resistance, breathing ability, wrinkle resistance, luxurious appearance and easy cleaning. It will create a serene sleeping experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Suitable for all sleepers

After multiple matching tests,we put the right amount of filling,try to make it suitable for bak ,stomach and side sleepers,and we believe that’s the pillow.And it is ultra suitable for side sleepers.

Take the chance and have a try!

Accept our sincerity

Choosing Meoflaw HOME SERIES,Enjoy a better shopping experience.

We are committed to create a brand ,which is young and close to life,your satisfaction is our motivation to produce better products.

7 * 24 hours service is always online.


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