Idea Nuova Baby Shark 2 in 1 Plush Flip Out Sofa Chair


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Give your child the gift of comfort and playfulness with our Baby Shark Figural 2 in 1 Sofa Chair to Bed– where everyday seating transforms into extraordinary dreams. Soft and comfortable seating ensures a delightful spot for reading, watching cartoons, or simply relaxing. Experience the wonder as this unicorn chair effortlessly transforms into a bed, providing a cozy sleeping space for naptime or sleepovers. Built with quality materials to withstand the playful antics of young ones, ensuring durability and longevity. Sized right for toddlers and little kids ages 3+. Chair Position: 17” L x 17” W 20” H, Flat Bed Position: 31” L x 19.75” W x 2.5” H


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